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Have you lost your sensual spark with your intimate partner?

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You feel there's MORE sensually and spiritually but you don't know how to get there?

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Has Intimacy and sensual connection become a chore or a bore?

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Imagine if...

You could redesign your intimate life

You could increase sensual life force energy for better health & improved sleep and relaxation....

You could reset and heal your nervous system to be able to receive more bliss and pleasure....


Hi, I'm Annie

I'm the founder of Intimacy Coach International and Columnist with Odyssey Magazine (Blissexology)

I've trained Holistic Intimacy Coaches around the world, and been with my husband for 28 years, so I know what it takes to renew, heal and reignite your intimate spark!

Are you ready to elevate your Sense You Wellness?

Watercolor Leaves Illustration
Watercolor Leaves Illustration

Our Blissexology Membership provides a personal, private and beautiful way to explore sensuality, deeper connnection, heal relationships and elevate intimacy and pleasure

What our clients say...

Journey into


Relax through pleasure and sensuality into your awakened intimate self with all of our courses available on our membership...


You can, with access to our powerful BLISSEXOLOGY MEMBERSHIP

What you will learn:

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Holistic Intimacy

Moving into bliss and relaxation for deeper connections and sensuality

Sensual Skill Sets

Moving beyond sexuality into life force energy and extended pleasure states

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Nervous System Reset

Increasing the capacity for sensuality and pleasure

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Conscious Touch

Getting your sensual mojo back with step by step bliss techniques

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Intimate Relationship Help

Does any of this

sound like you?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice about relationships and intimacy on the internet that isn't very practical or feels pornographic?

You want to heal your intimate life and increase libido and sensuality with tested methods and best practices as you age?

You want to feel supported and yet private as you learn this beautiful sensual journey work

Well, that's exactly what you can learn with our BLISSEXOLOGY MEMBERSHIP

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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is the process of removing the veil of estrogen and becoming energetic and creative in the Cosmic Womb, using life force energy to create the life you would love to be more present in, moving into your power to create from the fire!

Celebrate the Phoenix Rising with the gifts it brings and how to shift into the bliss journey and creative awakening


Live Workshops For Women

We have 3 set 90 minute workshops that we offer (You can book these for your event)

We also create bespoke events with a combination of these that specifically suit your needs & budge

We offer these in-person at some venues in South Africa as well as online bookings for your event

Seminar for women
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This is a talk & workshop on Nervous System Co-Regulation, how to release stress, and move into the Parasympathetic Nervous System

This Workshop covers elements of getting in touch with our senses, sight, sound, scents & space


A sound and frequency experience where you immerse in the live performance of binaural beats,

With theta & beta brain soundwaves and vocals with a conscious guided relaxation process, before everyone immerses in the music


A deep relaxation class that is done on a mat on the floor lying down.

This class uses elements of Somatic Senses & Vagus Nerve Toning work, and some principles of guided relaxation


Our pricing is variable depending on whether its a small group, and whether we are bringing sound equipment ,or this being provided by the venue for larger groups


CONTACT: Anne-Marie for a quote on a specific date


Or Sense You Wellness (Messages Only) +27 73 539 4723

Freedom Wellness Happiness Concept - Happy Woman

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